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Richard Reed

Unique and original award winning close up magician

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Richard Reed Magician - Close up

Young and highly talented Magician Richard Reed has spent years of his life learning he art of manipulation, what some say is the real magic. His unique original act earned him awards at the 'British Magical Championships' 1999, 2000 and 2001, as well as being one of 6 to reach the finals of the Magic Circles' 'Young Magician of The Year Competition 97'.

Richard takes this award Winning magic around the country, entertaining celebrities and public alike. Whether it be a miracle performed a foot away or a grand stage act with flashes of fire and cards falling from the air!

Richard's act is a combination of Modern & Classical bringing in the classic elements of magic with an up to date performance, making Candles, Canes and cards appear and disappear in a flash. The specialty being the 28 solid metal rings that appear throughout the act, growing in size each time!

Richard loves to entertain with his magic and the audience can see this as the cards fly out and he brings that smile out again.

"Wow, that's real magic!" is what Caroline Quentin had to say, when her ring changed into a ball of fire!

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