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Murder Mystery Evenings

Murder Mystery Productions for Corporate events and team building

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Murder Mystery Evenings Games and Activities

If you've never experienced a Murder Mystery Evening before or perhaps you'd like to know more about how we can give your event an extra BANG!!! - simply read on to investigate further.

A Murder Mystery Event is ideally complimented by a meal as the show naturally falls in-between and over the different courses. The audience, in groups, play the part of teams of detectives working against each other to solve a Murder. To do this they will need to witness performed scenes, examine physical evidence and... most importantly: Interrogate the Suspects in order to solve the crime. The winners at the end of the evening are the team that correctly solve the crime by finding the Murderer, Weapon and Motive.

Murder Mystery Events do have strong teambuilding elements included. However, the emphasis is always on fun and entertainment. Events always include their own suspects and victim but if you would like audience members written in to the plot we are masters of implication and association!

We provide Murder Mysteries from several production companies and they can range from a cast of one for a small event up to nine or more actors for larger occasions.

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