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Fiona Harrison 1940s Show

Uniformed shows or Big Band and Swing Cabarets in a 1940s theme

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Fiona Harrison 1940s Show Female Vocalist

Fiona Harrison is a costume artist with a passion for the 1940's. She regularly performs songs from this era in authentic military uniforms and glamorous evening gowns.

Now internationally recognised as Britain’s Finest Professional 1940's Singer / Entertainer, Fiona is able to perform songs which cover the whole spectrum of ‘40s music from Big Band and Swing, Lindy-Hop to Sing-along.

When in uniform her shoulder-length hair is neatly rolled up off the collar, shoes and all brasses are gleaming. When wearing an evening gown her accessories and colour co-ordination must be spot on for the 1940's right down to the colour of her lipstick!

On stage, Fiona is a true professional combining close harmony work with authenticity. Her repertoire is as extensive as anyone you are likely to meet and her presentation is extremely entertaining.

Apart from her popular uniformed shows, Fiona is able to offer several glamorous “Big Band and Swing Cabarets”, which she performs in 1940's evening apparel. Inspired by the look of Rita Hayworth, combined with the music of Glen Miller and the Andrews Sisters, Fiona is able to bring the distinction of 1940's Hollywood to your event anywhere in the world!

Current 1940's Shows Available

“The Fleet’s In Port Again”
(W.R.N.S. Show)

“We’ll Meet Again”
(A.T.S. Show)

“Those Magnificent Men”
(W.A.A.F. Show)

“Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree”
(Big Band and Swing Show, Rita Hayworth style)

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