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The Silent Comedian

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Donimo Comedian

Silent Clown Donimo presents a stage show with comedy, magic and universal appeal. This whimsical and lovable character touches the hearts of audiences both young and old alike. Donimo leads the audience on a magical and delightful journey and leaves them enchanted and uplifted.

Donimo is connected with a timeless brand of comedy and entertainment that extends back to the great comics of the silent film era. Crossing the barriers of age and language his topsy-turvy logic and expressive face amuse and delight. With pathos and childlike innocence he performs outstanding feats with an air of surprise at his own daring. This innovative and artful comic combines movement theatre with magic, juggling tricks and pure charisma and captivates the entire audience without saying a word.

Donimo the silent clown is available for hilarious stage shows, festivals and corporate and special events, locally and globally.

Donimo’s career has spanned over 30 years.

Highlights include:

Donimoappearances on prime time television (including Children’s Royal Variety Show, Wogan Show, BBC Going Live). Celebrity Parties (including HRH Prince Charles, Sultan of Brunei, King Hassan of Morocco, Royal Family of Monaco), nternational Festivals (including National Children’s Museum in Jordan, Monte Carlo international circus festival, Festival Mondialdu Cirque de Demain in Paris).

Dnimo has worked as supporting artist for(amongst others) Phil Collins, Rick Wakeman, Sir Cliff Richard, Stevie Wonder, Ken Dodd, and Cannon & Ball.!

Awards include: Gold Clown Award at the Comedy Arts Festival in Tianjin, China; Silver Medal from the prestigious Festival Mondialdu Cirque de Demain in Paris.

“At times Donimo seems capable of moments of genius.”
Mark Ritchie The stage

“Donimo is marvelous and so unique, I adore him. He is one of those acts that you want to see more and more of.” Nina Myscow

“Donimo is the spiritual son of Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton, he is also a popular clown, heir to the tradition of the first great British clown, Joseph Grimaldi" Festival Mondial Du cirque De Demain

"We had the pleasure of seeing Donimo the silent comic performing his comedy routine. He presents a Hulot image of an act struggling with wonky props, accidents and innocent ineptitude, with every unfortunate happening a complete surprise to himself. This is a delightful routine of pure variety & Gentle humor" Alan Saddler, Entertainment Critique

“Donimo engenders sympathy in his most apologist comic persona, and he is of course, Hysterically funny. A sort of cross between Stan laurel and Buster Keaton, Donimo is extremely gifted and very special" Television Newspaper

"I have known Donimo since the very beginning of his career. I have watched him work and grow. He was always an artist who as a magician could astound and astonish audiences and as a comic would have people rolling around with laughter" John Row

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