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Boudicca Lookalike Warrior Queen

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Boudicca Lookalike Boudicca

Wonderful storytelling lookalike character of Boudicca.

Britannia was a remote outpost of the Roman Empire and in the early years of Roman occupation was still divided into many Celtic tribal kingdoms. Among these, in the part that we now know as East Anglia, was the kingdom of the Iceni, whose warrior queen Boudicca stood against the Roman invaders when her male counterparts were too weak to do so.

This inspiring and mighty Queen was on a mission of revenge for the rape of her daughters and possessed an absolute determination to teach the Romans on her land a sharp lesson. Gathering support from other Celtic tribes, the red-headed queen swept across eastern England, and came close to driving the Romans out altogether. In the end she fell, but her glorious rebellion sent shock waves across the mighty Roman Empire. This is her story.

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