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Classical String Quartets or Trios Harp Music and Classical Groups

When you want to add a touch of class to your function or event, Classical music and classical musicians are great as background music whether for a corporate reception, a conference break out session, a product launch or as dinner music throughout a meal. Of course all of these are equally suitable for booking as background music for a wedding reception or wedding breakfast.

Please do not let the term "Classical Music" put you off hiring a string group, harpist or other classical ensmble because it may be too "high brow". Most classical musicians have a play list or repertoire covering almost every genre of music from Classical, Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz , Film and Show music. This applies equally to string quartets, string trios and duos as well as harpists, harp and flute duos, classical guitarists and other classical groups. Other groups could include a woodwind trio or brass group or a "Palm Court" style saloon group which could include piano, cello, violin and clarinet.


Classical String Quartet

A Jazz Band, Jazz Trio or Quartet or Solo Cocktail Pianist Bookings

Everyone has a different idea of what a 'Jazz ' is and often wonder how to choose a jazz band. It is always useful to know what kind of environment and event the band will be required to play for – for instance as background music at a reception in a hotel or marquee or at an open air event. A good way to generally define the types of Jazz Band which are available is to think historically and consider the styles of the eras of Jazz . Firstly, Dixieland, New Orleans, Traditional Jazz Bands which started in the 1920’s and are usually from three to six or eight pieces often includingTrumpet, Trombne, Clarinet and Banjo. This kind of band can be fully acoustic needing no amplification. Here is an example. Moving on slightly, another popular style of jazz from the 20’s and 30’s is that made popular by Django Reinhardt, whose group consisted of Violin, one or two Guitars and sometimes Double Bass. This style became popular in France at the Hot Club in Paris and this is great for events with a French or Art Deco Theme . Here is an example of "Hot Club Jazz".The broadest and most popular category referred to as Modern Jazz, Cool Jazz, Dinner Jazz or Smooth Jazz encompasses music from the forties, fifties and sixties and later and is invariably played by smaller groups from a duo up to around six pieces. The material can include ‘American Standards’ - Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin etc  in a smooth swing style along with Latin American influences such as Bossa Nova and Samba. The music is often used as reception music or as a background to dining. Cool and sophisticated, this jazz music is always popular and there are a great number of bands available offering different line ups and repertoire and which can include in any combination Trumpet, Saxophone, Flute, Piano, bass, Drums, Guitar and Vocalist. Some of these bands also play covers of other styles and offer classic pop dance sets. Prima Artists is an an entertainment and music agency booking the best in all kinds of jax=zz band and popular background music.


Traditional Jazz Band for Hire
Background Jazz Band

World Music - Music with a National Flavour or Themed Wandering Musicians

If your event has an implied theme - possibly to reflect different country or culture or the venue implies a theme, - this could be the opportunity to bring this out in your background music. There are many small groups and solo musicians playing in a great variety of world music styles such as Latin American, Caribbean , French, Italian, Spanish, Indian who can add that extra flavour . Sometimes these styles can be combined - Latin Jazz or say Spanish Rhumba Flamenco'Gipsy Kings Style. We have provided live world music as background for numerous events including product launches, corporate receptions, themed events and weddings where a Carribean Steel Band is one of the most popular styles of background music.

Some events can be enhanced by hire of themed wandering musicians and reflecting a heritage venue such as medieval musicians at a castle or a wandering music band of pirates or period sailors at The Cutty Sark !


World Background Music