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Pre Hee Men

Prehistoric Cavemen

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Pre Hee Men Mix/Mingle

Being extremely versatile cavemen, the Pre Hee Men are available as a mix and mingle or walkabout (driveabout) act. Their electrically powered caveman car is beautifully themed and they'll rock out to the stoneage beat through the top quality onboard sound system along with crazy caveman sound effects. Pre Hee Men can perform at classical concerts and firework displays. Performance and street festivals. Carnivals, fetes and galas. Music festivals. Corporate events, weddings, town centres, birthday parties, theme parks, outdoor concerts, trade shows, country fairs, county shows, shopping centres, product launches, advertising campaigns, film and television shows.

Their caveman car 'BOULDER 1' has a beautiful sound system featuring all sorts of caveman themed music and sound effects. It also has a water squirting snake to cool down the crowds. Boogie On Down with the Pre Hee Men!

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