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The best in the business!! Top lookalike of the Bond villain Oddjob

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Oddjob Lookalike Bond

Ian has been working as an Odd Job lookalike for over 10 years travelling all over the world impersonating the Bond villain. Ian has all the accessories to portray Oddjob and when working with our Jaws lookalike Gary Tiplady they prove to be a really menacing partnership.

Oddjob was a Korean bodyguard and chauffeur for Goldfinger. He was a ruthless killer, and the main villain of the story. He wore a steel rimmed bowler hat and shiny black gloves. His fingers were strong, muscular and all the same length with no nails. His toes were the same. His hands and feet were hardened into layers of corns.

Oddjob was one of the three men in the world who possessed a black belt in Karate. Due to his poor background, he considered cat to be fine cuisine. He was given Goldfinger's cat after it was discovered that Bond had used it to destroy a reel of film containing incriminating evidence. Near the end of the book, Bond met Oddjob on a plane, and a fight ensued. Bond smashed the window, the cabin depressurized, and Oddjob was sucked out of the plane to his death.

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