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Jolly Rogers

Two or Three Musical Pirates to hire for Nautical Themed Events

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Jolly Rogers Mix and Mingle Music

The Jolly Rogers play hornpipes and sing songs of the sea including such classics as 'The Drunken Sailor', 'Jamaican Farewell' , 'The Mermaid' and The Captain Pugwash Theme "Hornpipe"

So batten down the hatches, swill your grog and get ready for a broadside of Buccaneer banter !

The Jolly Rogers have appeared at:

Chatham Navy Days, Docklands Seafood Fair, Canary Wharf Fun Day, Knebworth, Grand Turk, Maidenhead "At The Seaside", Stafford "Pirates Day", St Katherine's Dock, Greenwich Maritime Museum and The Royal Thames Yacht Club.

They are available as a duo with fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitars with harmony vocals or as a trio adding concertina and penny whistle. They can play acoustically or with their own PA system.

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