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Jez Rose

The Unusualist - Rapid Fire wit and Comedy, Mentalism and Mind Reading

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Jez Rose Cabaret Hypno Mind Reader

Jez Rose is an internationally recognised, award-winning thought leader in the field of behaviour change and for nearly 15 years he has defied a label— so he invented his own: Unusualist.

A life in comedy means humour runs throughout all his work, acting as a means to engage with an audience.

It's given him the ability to redefine the genre of mentalism and mind-reading, inventing his own very distinct niche in comedy and live performance - just don't ask him how it's done because, apparently, he doesn't know.

Over the past 12 years he has worked with organisations including ITV, Pfizer, Old Mutual Wealth, Marriott and Volkswagen. He is the author of several books and invitations to present around the world to industry executives on influencing behaviour have all shaped his fascination with unusual human potential.

While studying psychology, human behaviour and brain science, he pursued interests in comedy, theatrical history and memory - and began performing. Combined with his life-long fascination in people-watching, it resulted in a unique, theatrical performance that quickly attracted rave reviews. As a performer, he engages with audiences partly through their fascination in his unusual demonstrations but largely because of his charming personality - and quick-fire wit.

He spends as much as six months each year abroad in places as far and wide as New York, Spain, California, Prague and Kuwait, invited by wealthy and distinguished clients to impress their friends, colleagues and clients at private parties, business functions and exclusive events. For people who have seen it all, for who there aren't many surprises left in life and are hard to impress, they call the Unusualist.

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