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French Fancies

Walkabout and mix and mingle gorgeous 'cake' girls

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French Fancies Street Theatre

Polka dot frocks and great big petticoats, cakes poised on towering cartoon coiffures, it can only be ‘Madame Fondant’ and ‘Mademoiselle Patti Cerie’. 50’s fun and garishly gorgeous cakes, or as they say in their comedy French accents ‘cak’.

Accompanied by continental wafts of (almost) authentic French accordion music, French Fancies offer around their finely made selection over the top cakes constructions and entertain guests with witty banter.

But the talk is not just of bad school french, they also discuss a deep existentialist philosophy and explore the impossibility of life suspended in the universe of broken dreams – all through the medium of ‘cak’. Who would have thought it?

Created in response to a request from Jersey Food Festival, French Fancies is stylish and uncannily deep. Their simple English language makes them well able to travel the world. Let them eat cake!

‘Voulez-vous crème avec ca?’

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