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Eleganza Stilt Walkers

Sophisticated and elegant stilt walking characters

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Eleganza Stilt Walkers Stilt Walkers

Graceful, beautiful and captivating.

‘Eleganza’ is a spectacle not easily forgotten.

A wisp of satin...a tickle of feather and a striking look. These performers are a pure class act.

Lavish posing and a powerful entrance makes this trio a stunning meet & greet performance remeniscent of Escher's finest designs.

Dynamic movement, fluid like the wind, make the trio mesmerizing ‘walkabout’ entertainment.

In low light / night environments ‘Eleganza’ light up and shimmer, installed with LEDs and crystals they create a magical sight not to be missed.

Eleganza performers can be hired individually as a smaller, stand alone performance, or in a triptich for maximum impact.

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