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Spectacular entertaining close up magician for hire"

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Brett Magician - Close up

Choose a card and Brett tells you which one it is before you have even looked at it! Put it back in the pack and then choose the same one again! Put it back again and it appears in his mouth, then it disappears and turns up in a sealed envelope in Brett's wallet! Aaarrgh!!

This isn't just magic! Not even a professional liar at work! This is just fantastic magical entertainment at it's very best!
Whether it's mingling during your reception, performing around the tables or drawing potential clients to your products, Brett's magic will grab you, amuse you, and then totally blow you away as the magic happens right in front of your eyes and in your own hands.

Other amazing effects; money will multiply in value, borrowed items will appear in unexpected places. Brett will also make objects come to life in your own hands and even stop time and his own heart beat!

Brett will fool you, but never make a fool out of you!

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