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Ant E Static

A truly alien, a totally absorbing robotic walkabout/robotic dance experience.

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Ant E Static Mime/Robotics/Statues

Ant E Statik is truly alien, a totally absorbing robotic walkabout/robotic dance experience.

The androgynous steely grey is an impressive addition to any event. Sightings have been recorded at various festivals, parties, celebrations, receptions, meetings, events and promotions. Documented evidence confirms frequent appearances on every side of the country.

The most remarkable time traveling entertainment robot on the planet explores all kinds of events, genuinely wants to know more about the planet he's visiting.

At last here is a highly innovative alienesque robotic performer from the distant future of an alternative reality. He entertains, he walks, he talks, he even dances too. Ant E Statik is a leading expert in robotic mime with over twenty years of experience in his field.

Robotic Walkabout 2 x 45 min spots

The Ant E Statik Robots are the universal solution for all your entertainment and promotional requirements, unforgettable and exciting robotic dancing or robotic mime for any event.

From nightclubs to store promotions; from festivals to celebrations, public, private and corporate events of all kinds; captivating audiences; attracting shoppers, entertaining clients and simply delighting the public. Fantastic entertainment for corporate events, exhibitions, festivals, clubs and parties.

Ant E Statik is an exceptionally talented natural performer, and probably the best robotic dancer you will ever see.

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