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Unique pirate interactive street theatre.

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Aargh! Street Theatre


Avaste ye landlubbers! Come join our two salty buccaneers searching for treasure and adventures on the high seas. Meet a pair of pirates sailing atop incredibly detailed, miniature galleons that glide majestically across the land, as if by magic!

Shiver me timbers! The secret of this roving act is that the ships are built around self-balancing electric mono-wheels – or EUCs. Concealed speakers provide a nautical soundscape as the ships sail through the crowd. It will catch the attention of all your guests, evoking cries of ‘Blimey!’ and ‘Blow me down!’

Dead men may tell no tales, but your guests won’t stop talking about these performers as they swashbuckle, pillage and plunder their way through a crowd.

Crew members will be recruited! Treasure maps will be deciphered! Ships will be boarded! Booty will be found! Aargh!


“Aargh! is a delightful, one-of-a-kind roving act that was a total hit with our guests! They were highly professional in every aspect and the act added a really unique flavour to our event. I’ll be booking Aargh! for many more events here in the future…”
Rachel Groom, Events Director, Gloucester Docks

“Aargh! Was a real highlight at our 3 festivals this summer – we’ve had so much great feedback about your act in particular.”
Adam McGuigan, Director, SpareParts Festival

“So good! We’ll have to have you back next year!”
Ann-Marie Leighton, Bristol Harbour Festival

“We’ve never had something like it! The kids faces when they got to choose some treasure – priceless!”
Lisa Morgan, Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival

“The sight of you two marauding around our dock was fabulous! Thank you for bringing so many smiles to Bangor! We’ll see you again no doubt!”
Jeni O’Connor, Sea Bangor Maritime Festival


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